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urbban real estate portal

11 Jan 202o - project durarion: 12 weeks
urbban, is a real estate portal, specialized in developments and construction.

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Start from scratch

We always start a project with a strong research, market, target audience, competences and differentials. then we create a moodboard where we include references and possible solutions. then we move on to the sketch stage where we move forward together with the client. https://xd.adobe.com/view/9ebe86f7-44de-4880-8c03-1c1d776eb120-cbed/

the Idea

It was based on the fact that in all real estate websites there was a section of developments,that is why we decided to create a site specialized in this business area, so we started to design from a more exclusive point of view.
Real estate
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Published on
11 Jan 2020
We made
UI/UX Web Design
Webflow Development
CRM UX Design
Brand Creation
Name, Colors, Typography, busines structure, social Media content motion
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video tour of the web

Difficulties of the project, due to the fact that the real estate market is very conservative, it was difficult to create such a new design and brand, since it is necessary a process of adaptation.

video presentation project real estate startup

SOCIAL MEDIA: Some animations for social networks created
MICRO SERIES OF INTERVIEWS: in this project a series of interviews to the main real estate developers of the sector were also executed as a marketing campaign, in order to make the product known and position itself in a strategic way in the market.


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